Custom Engineering Solutions

Developed by Automation Station

OEE & Andon Solutions Kit

Our OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Andon Solutions Kit provide a detailed and in-depth analysis of production and a visual indicator to signal when a machine or process is down, when it needs maintenance, or when it is operating normally. Features include:

  • Real-time Industry Standard Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculations
  • Store up to 9 different shifts (for seasonal schedules simply disable the ones you don’t need)
  • Dynamically adjusts cycle times based on actual operators on line
  • Tracks model changeover and adjusts goals and performance accordingly
  • Generates OEE reports hourly, by shift, and for every Andon event
  • Built in Andon System for top 4 downtime reasons
  • Connects directly to discrete outputs from your machine for good, bad, and even repaired parts
  • Manages up to 48 different models with different cycle times and multipliers
  • Tracks Andon response time and resolution time along with reason frequency
  • Supports 60 sub-reason failure modes per Andon reason
  • And much more….

Developed by Automation Station

Automated Shade Controller

Automation Station provides an automated control system for commercial motorized shade systems. Our controller works with name brand commercial shades to offer a smooth and quiet lift experience at a fraction of the cost of other motorized systems. Our shade controller is perfect for corporate, healthcare, education, and hospitality applications. It can be integrated into building management systems for accurate light control, energy savings, and occupancy comfort throughout the entire facility.