A SCADA System to Monitor Decatur’s Wastewater Plant

A SCADA System to Monitor Decatur’s Wastewater Plant

Application Requirements The city of Decatur, AR needed to create a SCADA system to monitor their wastewater plant and upgrade an outdated control panel. Components of System Allen-Bradley PLCs Ignition Vision module with Reporting Solution Implemented a large 55″ touch screen application to display overall plant status for both the operator and supervisor. Integrated manual […]

A Production Portal for Lux Bakery

Application Requirements A large bakery needed to record every box and pallet that gets stored and shipped to customers as well as track order status. Components of System Banner iVu 2D Barcode Scanner Datalogic Handheld 2D Barcode Scanners Ignition SCADA Software Solution Created application to display current orders assigned to production and the progress of […]

In-Line Statistical Process Control – Vehicle Door Gap

Application Requirements An automotive company needed to measure and correct door gaps on vehicles to ensure zero defect. Components of System Bluetooth Digital Calipers Ignition with Sepasoft SPC module Solution Implemented a dual-screen application to display SPC data for both the operator and supervisor. Two clients were used for the driver and passenger side. Overhead […]

Web-based SCADA System for H2O Innovation

Application Requirements An OEM of water filtration products and services needed to create a web-based SCADA system to monitor their installations across the U.S. Components of System Remote Ignition Edge Gateways AWS Hosted, Centralized Ignition Server w/ perspective Solution Designed and integrated a complete and scalable, internet-facing SCADA system to store and monitor data from […]