Production Traceability

Production Traceability System

Factory integration


Optimize your SMT production line’s performance

The Automation Station Production Traceability System (PTS) integrates your machinery in a single control environment to optimize the performance of Pick & Place solutions. It increases operational efficiency and hence profitability by shortening design-to-production time, speeding up ramp-up, increasing process visibility and optimizing logistics flow. PTS streamlines the setting up and manufacturing of new and existing products, and facilitates compliance with the most stringent traceability requirements.

Traceability Flowchart                                                              Figure 1 Production Traceability System Process Flowchart

Overview and Benefits

The Automation Station Production Traceability System (PTS) is beneficial to the complete SMT manufacturing process, from production preparation to traceability. It provides more process visibility and control.

With our comprehensive system of modules you can:

• Move tasks offline to allow uninterrupted manufacturing
• Reduce changeover time and therefore increase operational efficiency
• Set up and run new and existing products
• Eliminate setup and running errors
• Prevent component starvation during production and keep the warehouse stocked
• Reduce the cost of non quality
• Comply with traceability legislation and customer requirements

Traceability Demo