Custom Software Development

Software Development

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Professional Advice

Call us to discuss your project needs, and you speak directly with our software engineers. We don't believe in salespeople - our services, expertise and high level of integrity sell themselves. We are known for quickly grasping your needs and providing recommendations for appropriate software and database solutions.



To provide the very best solution for you, we must first understand your basic requirements. Before a single line of code is written, we take ample time to fully understand the nature of the problem you are trying to solve. During this stage of software development, we ask a lot of questions, and more importantly, listen closely to your answers.



During the highly collaborative design stage, information gathered during the analysis stage is used to create the look, feel and functionality of your new software. User interface mockups, formal specifications and other easy to interpret documents are created for your review and approval.


Software Coding

When your project design is completed, our expert team of professional software engineers will get right to work creating your custom software solution. Using international coding standards and techniques, the end result will be a clean and robust product that is easy to maintain - ultimately providing many years of low cost support. Of course, you always own the final source code.


Installation and Support

Once your software has been designed, coded and tested, we will install and configure it on your hardware. Now, and for years into the future, our support team will be here for you. This includes technical support and future enhancements you may require. Your peace of mind is mission critical at Automation Station.