Analog Input Module with 8 AI Channels, Current Input / High Speed version and FREE EZ Data Logger Software
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I-7017FC is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of valuable industrial control signals and systems. The DCON utility can help users to configure and test the I-7017FC Analog Input Modules. Plenty of library functions and demo programs are provided to let users develop programs easily under Windows, Linux and DOS operating systems. Users may mount the modules on a DIN rail, panel or wall. Modules have a screw-terminal block to connect to the signals. I-7017FC comes with FREE EZ Data Logger Software. Specifications: Analog Input
  • Channels: 8 differential or 6 differential and 2 single- ended by jumper select
  • Resolution: 16-bit
  • Input type: mV, V , mA (requires optional external 125 ohm resistor)
  • Input range: &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 150mV &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 500mV &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 1V &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 5V &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 10V &nbsp &nbsp ?ñ 20mA
  • Sample rate: 10 Samples/Second
  • Bandwidth: 15.7 Hz
  • Accuracy: ?ñ 0.1%
  • Zero drift: ?ñ 20uV/?øC
  • Span drift: ?ñ 25ppm/?øC
  • CMR @ 50/60 Hz: 86 dB min
  • NMR @ 50/60 Hz: 100 dB
  • Input Impedance: 20M Ohms
  • Over voltage protection: ?ñ 35V
  • Isolation: 3000Vdc
Communication Interface
  • RS-485
  • Power Supply
    • Input: +10 to +30Vdc
    • Consumption :1.3W
    • Din Rail Mount
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